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A vibrant and transient form of art - walking through Wynwood in Miami

From a large part of the population Street Art or Urban Art is regarded as chaotic laps or vandalism. However, this subversive art in public space, with its mostly unofficial character, conceals an art movement that conquers the streets, walls and buildings of the metropolises of this world and sometimes addresses itself subtly and provocatively to its public audience. The Wynwood neighborhood in Miami is also a living platform for many renowned street art artists. Join us on a tour of this colorful outdoor gallery of a special kind …

In general, there are wall paintings since humans exist. The paintings on exterior walls - which we now call Street Art or Urban Art - have their roots in Latin America in the 1920s. In Mexico, Diego Frida Kahlo's husband, Diego Riviera, designed for the first time politically motivated murals - a form of propaganda. This visualized form of conflict is still found today, especially in cities where there are strong social and political conflicts.

German street art artist who puts his hands in the center of his work.

Miami is a multi-cultural city. The majority of the inhabitants of this American city does not speak English but Spanish. The Latin American and Afro-American influences can be felt everywhere. Cultural, historical and social contrasts find their expression in the art scene of the Wynwood Art District. It is home to over seventy galleries, five museums, three collections, seven art complexes, twelve studios and five art fairs. The artists of the street use - as everywhere in the world - various media to present their works - markers, paintbrushes and rollers, spray cans, stickers, posters, etc. Often walls are painted and glued, but also power boxes, lanterns, road signs, Telephone booths, garbage cans, traffic lights and other street furniture, as well as sidewalks and streets themselves and even trees - in principle, all imaginable surfaces - are designed.

Most of the works are illegal, so most artists prefer to remain anonymous. Even within the scene, the members often know each other only under their pseudonyms. However, some of them have made a name for themselves through outstanding work and are hired by private property owners for commissioned work. As a rule, the public work of an artist is the figurehead for his gallery or other works.

A living, modern form of art. Spreading the art in public space mainly on graffiti and street art magazines a few years ago, she does it today through social media. The term combination "Street Art Facebook" scores almost 20 million hits on Google.

Due to the growing popularity of this art movement, companies adopt street art as a means of advertising, both in their style and in their entirety, in order to give their products a youth cultural image. In the street art scene, however, this form of advertising is criticized as the appropriation of a youth cultural identity. They understand the origin of street art as a fight against capitalism, the consumer society and the overriding privatization of urban spaces.

The Portuguese street art artist Alexandre Farto (1987) is known under the pseudonym Vhils and works with 3-D effects.

Wynwood has changed in recent years, however. It has become the established destination of the international and wealthy art scene. Formerly the platform of aspiring artists who experimented with their art, renowned galleries, boutiques and companies are increasingly coming to the forefront of the creative ambience of this well-established art district. The land prices rise. Small street art artists have to look for a different, more favorable environment. A development that many other Street Art districts around the world are experiencing. Only those who adapt to the mainstream and reflect on its sales, can now assert themselves in Wynwood. Paradoxically, in many places around the world, Street Art is thus turning from a demonstration movement into a pioneer in the commercial urbanization of entire neighborhoods.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere in Wynwood is and remains unique to the visitor. Tropical climate, colorful works - sometimes provocative, sometimes simply interesting, novel or beautiful. Strolling through this open-air gallery - a pleasure for the eyes of a completely different kind!


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