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"The tortoise can tell you more about the path than the rabbit."

Chinese proverb


ALMOST ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE - Let your ideas flow and share your travel dreams with us.  We want your WORLD TRIP to fulfill your hopes and dreams.  Share your one of a kind combinations of countries and ambitions with us!

Will it be once around the world?  Or perhaps an exciting combination of continents and destinations dancing their way through your WORLD TRIP? 



Anker 1


       YOUR DREAM TRAVEL - completely up to you

  • You tell us: WHEN and WHERE you'd like to begin

  • You decide WHICH places you'd like to see

  • You decide HOW LONG it should be

  • You share YOUR PASSION with us

  • You give us YOUR BUDGET

  • You decide if you'd prefer to travel on your own or be accompanied by a private WELTREISE-tour guide.


We look forward to hearing from you and planning YOUR very own WORLD TRIP!

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