Why take a trip around the world?

The type of person who has given serious thought to a journey around the world has not forgotten how to dream. 

A journey of this caliber, where the extraordinary and exceptional are waiting to be discovered, is far beyond the all too well known "vacation."  It is something that transcends all other experiences thus far.  Something that happens only possibly once in a lifetime.  The idea alone—of heading out into the world in one direction and coming back from the other direction—is fascinating all on its own.  The world is so multifaceted, so intriguing, so colorful, so contradicting, so beautifully inspiring that when we get the chance to learn more about it, we also begin to learn more about ourselves.

That is why a trip around the world is, in essence, a chance to take a step away from our day-to-day lives and find the time to breathe in, reflect and embrace the moment.  

You dream of traveling the world - we make that dream come true 

Everyone has their own preferred style of travel and ideas of how to best explore new places.  Your trip around the world should reflect your style, your personality and your desires. That is WELTREISE-TRAUM's philosophy.

Your enjoyment and experiences should not be restricted by having to take care of the organization thereof.  Instead, immerse yourself in your destination while we take care of the rest.  


„The shortest way to yourself is around the world.“

Richard Hoffmann (*1938)

Tailor-made travel by WELTREISE-TRAUM



If you've read this far, you have already completed the first step in making it happen. WELTREISE-TRAUM helps make your dream come true.  We know all about the challenges and nuances of planning a trip of this nature.  Holistic thinking is our greatest strength. 





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