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Every individual has an impact on their environment and each of us has the responsibility to take care of it and as a business, our responsibility becomes even greater.  WELTREISE-TRAUM would like to present the ways we are taking on responsibilities in sustaining our world:



WELTREISE-TRAUM is passionate about the importance of a paperless office and paperless communication with our affiliates and clients.  Wherever possible, digital documents are created and used.  WELTREISE-TRAUM chooses companies that operate in environmentally sustainable ways and have ethical standards.  WELTREISE-TRAUM holds itself to the 'Global Code of Ethics for Tourism' and the principals of 'FAIRE PARTNER.'


We view travel as a gift; a gift given to us by diverse cultures and foreign countries.  We are allowed to view their worlds, be a part of it all for a brief time and honorably be their guests. We would like to return a gift of our own.  

We truly believe that education is just as much a key to the development and innovation of an individual as it is to the peaceful growth of a society.  Helping people to help themselves is vital to the long term independence of a society and its culture.  That is why WELTREISE-TRAUM has personally and consciously selected humanitarian projects on several continents to work with.


A trip around the world accumulates, on average, about 37,500 flight miles (60,000 km) which ends up being the largest part of the environmental footprint left behind on a journey of this caliber.  However, it may be surprising to learn that, worldwide, air transportation is responsible for only approx. 2.5% of CO2-Emissions (Statistics from 2013 in the climate report published in 2016).  Nonetheless, there are—specifically in the area of air travel—many areas to improve upon. WELTREISE-TRAUM would like to take on a small part in improving this area by working together with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) to create new possibilities.


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"The future interests me - I'm going to spend the rest of my life there."        

Mark Twain (1835-1910)

From every WELTREISE-TRAUM booking, 1% of the proceeds will go to the following environmental and humanitarian projects: 


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