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WELTREISE-TRAUM proudly partners with PLAN International Germany in ZIMBABWE.


In the small town of Chiredzi, as in all of Zimbabwe, youth—and specifically females—have a very low chance of entering the job market.  Many do not have the proper education to do so and others are lacking the financial resources to become self-employed.  Many women are at an extreme disadvantage due to young marriages and early pregnancies.

The ultimate goal of this project is to enhance the occupational and professional skills of women and youth in order to help them improve their economical situation and ensure that they can secure their livelihood.  


PLAN assists young women, for example, with literacy and math courses in which more than 700 women and young adults are helped to develop their skills in reading, writing and math.  There are additional career courses for around 1,000 young adults, including young women.  These courses teach tailoring, baking and other various vocational skills.  Mentors assist young men and women in areas such as accounting and financial management.  PLAN also cooperates with the area's agricultural areas  Finally, PLAN supports the founding of savings and loan groups where their 3,000 project participants receive special credit rates.


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   Broaden Career Horizons

"Everyone is destined for success, and the world is destined to make that success possible." 

Author unknown

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