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Couple, 50 and 39 years old

Trip around the world in 3.5 months. Destionations: Western USA, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, Nepal, Seychelles

"My husband and I felt well taken care of by Mrs. Kuhn and Mr. Materna.Whether we had decided on a world trip at very short notice and for the highly complex planning and booking phase to travel only about three months left," Weltreisetraum "presented us in time We received all the necessary information to start well prepared in our "adventure" (Southwest USA, Bora Bora, New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, Nepal, Seychelles) During the three and a half months of the world tour we received by Dropbox at any time access to the currently required air tickets, accommodation vouchers, changes in the timetable connections etc. WhatsApp and phone Ms. Kuhn and Mr. Materna were always available at short notice and helped us with unforeseen problems quickly, effectively and friendly and the recommended accommodations t exactly our taste, even the guides we were on site were a direct hit. A detailed conversation in the aftermath of the trip completed the care perfectly. We would like to thank Mrs. Kuhn, Mr. Materna and her team very much for putting our "Weltreisetraum" into practice with expertise and passion! The fascinating places and beautiful experiences will always be remembered. "

Solo travelers, 77 years old

Central and South American combination trip in 4.5 weeks. Destinations: Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Peru

"Dear world travel dream team,

The four-weeks trip organized by you through Central and South America was truly a unique experience that felt like a dream. I was particularly impressed by your perfect organization. I did not need to worry about anything, was lodged in beautiful hotels, had excellent guides and was well looked after, which was very pleasant for me as a single traveler.

Thank you all very much"

Couple, 59 and 55 years old

Trip around the world in 1.5 months. Destinations: Myanmar, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, USA

"The Weltreisetraum team has perfectly planned and realized our 42-day, 12-stop trip around the world, we could not have done better, we felt well taken care of before and during the trip, and we would immediately return to similar trips planed by Weltreisetraum."

Couple, 75 and 63 years old

Trip around the world in 2 months. Destinations: US West, Hawaii, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore

"The unbelievable has happened !!! In 61 days around the world, without the slightest complaint, Mrs. Kuhn and Dr. Materna made this journey with 31 hotel changes, 13 flights, 7 car rentals and various airport and hotel pick-ups with the precision of a space flight. It was not only the precision, but also the style and timing that inspired us, and even with such a lot of flights and hotels, we enjoyed the trip and never got stressed out. The luxurious hotels in beautiful locations were hard to beat and have greatly influenced the travel experience, making travel fun and an enormous desire for "more." Thank you for this great experience. "

Couple, 48 and 32 years old

Honeymoon Oman with the elements Muscat, Wahiba Sands desert and Jebal Akhdar mountains

"From the first contact to the end of our honeymoon trip to Oman, which was planned by Weltreise-Traum, we were and are exclusively of praise!

Your organization has left nothing to be desired. It was always a pleasure to get in contact with you, dear Mrs. Kuhn, dear Dr. Materna. We will continue to rave about the wonderful impressions and experiences that we were able to experience on site especially through your absolutely knowledgeable, experienced and enchanting tour guide Vicky. Many thanks for this great trip! We recommend you and your team with pleasure!"

Couple, 58 and 56 years old

Canada intense in 33 days. Destinations Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Great Bear Forrest, Rocky Mountaineer, Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls and Quebec

​"Canada in 33 Days: Metropolises, Sightseeing, Wilderness, Pure Nature and Relaxation ....... is this possible?

Yes - With the perfect travel planning and organization of Weltreise-Traum we have seen, experienced and felt something of everything from West to East.


Our travel wishes were once again (we already circumnavigated the whole world in 2016 with Weltreise-Traum 3 months long) optimally implemented. Professional recommendations and additions by Mrs. E. Kuhn and Dr. Joachim Materna made the 33 days an unforgettable and unique dream trip.


We spent extraordinary holidays in North America. Spiked with culture, country & people, adventure, cuisine, music,

An extraordinary landscape: rivers, lakes and huge forests as well as their special inhabitants: bears, whales, bald eagles, salmon, beaver, mountain goats, caribous!"

Couple, 56 and 55 years old

Pacific round trip in 3 weeks. Destinations Japan, Bali, Singapore and Australia

"It was already our second big trip with the company WELTREISE-TRAUM and we were again 100% enthusiastic, everything was organized excellently to our liking, thought through to the last detail, great hotels, great excursions, everything to the right and pleasant local time.We’d love to post a constructive review, but it just does not exist, Nobody is Perfect, but with Ellen Kuhn and Joachim Materna, that seems to be the case for individual travels, and we look forward to the next trip."

Family, 35, 42, 7 and 5 years old

Trip around the world in 6 months. Destinations: South Africa, Namibia, Sambia, Simbabwe, Kenia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, USA (Hawaii and West Coast), Canada

"A once in a lifetime experience! Traveling the world together as a family for almost six months was one of the best decisions of our lives, which actually happens to be like a dream now, two weeks after the trip it is still too good to be true! We have experienced so much and thanks to the top team of Weltreise-Traum we have always been fully involved with the respective country and its culture, everything was well chosen in advance and individually tailored to our diverse interests as a family about culinary, art, wildlife and special accommodation coordinated so that we were allowed to experience a very diverse journey.

No planning stress, no uncertainties (which is a miracle regarding the scale of this journey), but great organization, communication and inspiration. From flights, choosing from a wide variety of accommodations, transportation to great local guides and events. Even a volunteering with elephants and rhinos in Africa together as a family, which is not easy to find, was realized by WELTREISE-TRAUM that is not easy to find. This trip was a gift and enriched us as a family. You can not want more."

Family, 49, 49 and 7 years old

Trip around the world in 3 months. Destinations: South Africa, Dubai, San Francisco, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Sri Lanka

"A great journey that will accompany us for a long time is behind us and we would like to thank you for this fantastic planning, advice and love-made world trip!!!! Such agencies are very rare these days. In the near future we want to realize another trip and we know with huge certainty that we want to plan this trip with you.

The balance of the world trip was really good. Of course there are many changes on a trip around the world, but everything was fine. We never had the feeling that we had been anywhere too long. Only Singapore was so great that we would have liked to stay 1-2 days longer. Maybe that was our fantastic hotel, Fullerton Bay. Nowhere during the journey we felt dissatisfied.

The trip around the world was so important for the whole family - that was one of the main reasons for this trip. It was wonderful to have so much time together, to gather impressions together and to feel very well and relaxed thanks to the perfect preparation. Our son was happy and well-balanced throughout the journey, aware of everything and enjoying the time with both parents. "

Couple, 32 and 33 years old

Trip around the world in 3.5 months. Destinations: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Lesser Antilles, USA, Panama, Cuba

"The care of WELTREISE-TRAUM through out our whole world trip was excellent - from the efficient and speedy planning to the check-in for the return flight to Switzerland. We particularly benefited from the many years of experience of the team, who has developed the perfect travel itinerary for us because we were very open-minded about our 3.5-month South America / America trip. During the trip itself, the organization and support was simply the best. The all-round service included check-in for the flights, coordination with the hotels, the organization of shorter and longer tours as well as the ad hoc service via WhatsApp -Chat that we appreciated a lot. WELTREISE-TRAUM was always available for us. All in all, we felt very well taken care of and short-term changes or any problem cases were quickly and solution-oriented implemented or resolved.


We can recommend anyone who plans a longer trip, to give them into the hands of WELTREISE-TRAUM and would like to thank the whole team once again."

Couple, 42 and 44 years old

Honeymoon in Florida with stops in Miami, Key West and Naples

"Everything from the organization, to the choice of places to visit as well as the planned activities and restaurant recommendations made our honeymoon a wonderful experience that we often fondly reminisce about. It was an extraordinary mix of culture, seeing new places, rest and relaxation, and romance." 

"Our first stop was Miami Beach. We had amazing weather to explore the city, experience local culture and food and enjoy the beach. As in all of the hotels we stayed in on our honeymoon, we were given a warm welcome and were put in the right mood for our honeymoon. One particularly memorable experience was the art tour we took where we saw amazing things from contemporary paintings to stunning graffiti. After 4 days of Miami Beach, the excitement didn't end. We headed to Key West with the car, and after seeing the aftermath of the hurricane along the way, we arrived in a romantic town and savored the relaxing atmosphere, bars with live music, and breathtaking sunsets. From Key West, we continued on to Naples through the Everglades. While in the Everglades, hot on the trail of buffalo, we "hunted" crocodiles; it was incredible to witness these animals in real life. Naples was a quick stop, but the view of the sunset from the 6th floor of the hotel was magnificent. We finished our trip off with a 3 night stay on Sanibel Island. Pure romance. We had a private beach, endless sun, incredible food at The Mad Hatter and yoga at sunset.  We couldn't have imagined a more romantic end to our honeymoon." 

"Thank you again so much for the fantastic organization and guidance throughout our trip." 

Solo traveler, 63 years old

Trip around the world in 33 days. Destinations: Sao Paulo, Lima, Los Angeles, Auckland, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai, Nairobi, Maasai Mara und Marrakesh

"Weltreise-Traum has set a new standard for me that I wouldn't want to do without on future trips. Time and time again, I was thrilled over the perfectly planned itinerary and professional competence and great work ethic. This kind of service and support is one in a million. Poor planning causes me stress and there are enough things one has to think about on your own when taking a trip of this kind. Weltreise-Traum was able to surprise me numerous times, especially with the small details; it really showed me that there was someone who took the time to think about me and my journey." 

"The order of the destinations on my trip around the world couldn't have been better. For example, after an action packed stop in Mumbai, the quiet and relaxing atmosphere at the Safari Lodge in Kenya was absolutely perfect. Another example was the varying tour guides I had; their different personalities were exciting and enriching."

"I found it especially nice to pay for the trip as a whole package and not to know the individual prices of things. That allowed me to relax during my trip by not thinking of the costs left and right. I could simply enjoy myself."

Couple, both 50 years old

Trip around the world in 2.5 months. Destinations: Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and the Lesser Antilles

"This is not the kind of trip you can find at a traditional travel agency - we tried. For this kind of trip you need a special kind of team: one who likes to travel themselves and enjoys planning and organizing in these areas. The consultation for this trip was personalized and thorough. Weltreise-Traum uses all the resources of social media. Their building block concept is fantastic.  We were able to put together the things we wanted to experience and Weltreise-Traum made sure our building blocks came together and fit."


"We even had a lot of fun during the planning stage. Thanks to the well thought out questionnaire we were sure we would book the trip that was right for us. The checklists provided and the additional information helped us feel prepared and know we had all the things that were needed with us. We had the feeling every day that Weltreise-Traum would have liked to go on this trip as well - and planned the trip accordingly."

"The support aspect was outstanding. Weltreise-Traum was always available and responded immediately to any questions we had. Weltreise-Traum created an unforgettable experience for us. We were part of something very special."

Couple, 56 and 54 years old

Trip around the world in 3 months. Destinations: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Panama, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Japan, China, Bali.

"Ms. Ellen Kuhn and Dr. Materna took on an incredible task—with a very short planning phase of only 8 weeks—to tailor design a trip around the world for the two of us. All of our dreams, requests, and expectations were fulfilled in each of the 9 countries we visited.  WELTREISE-TRAUM planned everything precisely the way we wanted; they even contributed their own very valuable and personal experiences and recommendations."


"Throughout our entire 93 day trip, the WELTREISE-TRAUM team was always ready to help. They consistently kept us informed about any travel updates and then arranged everything accordingly. We did not have to take care of any of these things ourselves, which was a huge advantage. We were able to enjoy our time on our trip around the world without any restrictions; we felt at ease and totally carefree."

"The blend of innovation, many wonderful, original and personal gestures as well as the continuous communication, also turned our very own personal world trip into a magical and unforgettable experience. For this, we are so thankful to Ms. Kuhn, Dr. Materna and their team!"

Solo traveler, 41 years old

Trip around the world in 1.5 months. Destinations: Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Sydney, Melbourne, Fiji, Hong Kong, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Bangkok, Cape Town, Madikwe Game Reserve

"I didn't expect this kind of difference between a trip around the world and a normal vacation. It was such a cool feeling to just keep flying, allowing me to greatly distance myself from my normal life. At one point, I almost completely forgot about my job and what was even better - people even stopped asking me about it."

"I was extremely pleased with WELTREISE-TRAUM's tour guides. They were all very knowledgeable, all very nice and some of the tours ended up taking longer than anticipated. In addition to that—despite traveling alone—I met a lot of wonderful people. The hotels and restaurants that I picked out together with WELTREISE-TRAUM made it so easy. I think the honeymoon resort in the South Seas would be the only place I wouldn't visit again alone."


"After my return, many people close to me said that I had somehow changed; I was exuding more peace and tranquility. Perhaps that was because I was able to distance myself so much and had the time to self-reflect—despite all the moving around. I didn't have to worry about or take care of anything. To be honest, I could have continued to travel like this for a much longer time."

Couple, 32 and 34 years old

3 week honeymoon in South Africa

"Weltreise-Traum enabled us to experience a honeymoon that was individual and unforgettable. The itinerary was planned so that our trip was sophisticated and yet relaxing at the same time. We never had the feeling that we were missing out on anything or that we needed a vacation from our vacation afterwards. Weltreise-Traum also paid attention to the details that make a difference in the quality of a vacation. In our case, we were very happy about the rental car that accommodated the height of our tallest traveler ;-)."

"The suggested day trips—some which were organized especially for us—were exceptionally researched so that we could, as an example, go horseback riding in nature or enjoy a prepared honeymoon picnic alone at a lake. We would have only been able to create these kinds of special experiences on our own with a lot of luck and effort."

"We really enjoyed that the staff at all of our accommodations were well prepared for our arrival—so they knew not only our arrival and departure dates, but also that we were on our honeymoon. Many of them even brought champagne, wine, flowers or chocolates to our room and really went the extra mile for us."

Couple, both 54 years old

Trip around the world in 4 weeks. Destinations: Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Muscat, Doha, Moskow, Hamburg

"We felt incredibly safe and well taken care of during our entire journey.  It was a pleasure to relax and rely into the perfect organization of this trip and just enjoy each country and experience with ease. Weltreise-Traum was always available during our trip and always ready to give us advice or help when we needed it. We gave a lot of thought to something that could be improved, but there really was nothing that came to mind...even in hindsight, the hotels, tours and restaurants were exactly to our taste."


"Initially we were a bit skeptical because we hadn't planned a lot of time for the entire trip and then, of course, not much time in and for each individual city. However, the travel sequence was absolutely perfect. We never felt stressed and always had the feeling that the Weltreise-Traum team had planned the right amount of time for each city; it was a very good balance."


"We really enjoyed the excellent guides in each city giving us wonderful insight into their respective cultures; that made it very personal and unique."

Solo traveler, 43 years old

1 week trip to New York

"During the trip I had the feeling that "loving parents" really wanted to do nice things to make me happy. I always had the best seats, whether it be at the opera or musical. I was amazed at the rich variety in activities! I felt "looked after" and "accompanied" whenever I needed it!"


"There were times when I was absolutely speechless and touched by the way the Weltreise-Traum team was so aware of my needs!"


"It was the entire experience that will always be a priceless memory for me. I am so grateful to Weltreise-Traum for helping me experience New York in an extraordinary way in such a short time and for the "initiation" into this exciting, inspiring type of travel!"

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