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WELTREISE-TRAUM stands for individuality when traveling the world.  You decide where you would like to travel to, how long your trip will be, whether you'd like to experience a perfectly planned itinerary by WELTREISE-TRAUM and travel on your own or if you'd prefer to be accompanied by competent and experienced guides - who can be booked for the duration of your trip or just parts of it.  No scheduled tours, no groups - just for you!

Weltreise-Traum Reiseleitung, Weltreise Reiseleitung, organisierte Weltreise, geführte Weltreise, Weltreise mit Guide, Weltreise mit Reiseführer


"The world can only be moved by those who do from the heart."

Ernst Wiechert ( 1887-1950)


Weltreise mit individueller Reiseleitung, Weltreise mit Reiseleitung
Weltreise individuell mit Reisebegleitung
Weltreise individuell mit Reisebegleitung
Weltreise individuell mit Reisebegleitung




Vicky Sotriffer has been to over 100 countries on all continents and all due to curiosity.  This extraordinary travel experience in combination with an educational foundation (Travel and Tourism Degree from the Institute of Commercial Management in London) as well as linguistic fluency in German, English, Spanish, Italian and French predestined her to become a superbly and incredibly professional tour guide for complete WORLD TRIPs in every country in the world.  



Her array of expertise and interests range from nature, culture, cities to guiding hiking tours and safari expeditions.  But her aptitude doesn't stop there, she enjoys all sorts of sports activities like horseback riding, bike riding, rock climbing, tennis, fencing and almost any kind of water sport including surfing and scuba diving.  Vicky is capable of offering information and insight to any city on your customized list of destinations. 


Vicky Sotriffer is lively, enthusiastic and captivating yet reserved and empathetic...she has the incredible ability to read situations and create the appropriate atmosphere while guiding TRIPS AROUND THE WORLD.


Interested in having a private tour guide accompany you on your entire trip or just sections?  Send us a message and we'll happily send  you more information.

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