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Ellen Kuhn is an Event and CSR-Manager who has gained immense experience organizing high class events.  

Dr. Joachim Materna is a physician who spent many years leading a large medical care center as an internist.

Their lives have always had a strong emphasis on precision, reliability, perfection, commitment, creativity and imagination.  These are the attributes that they continue to incorporate into their work as the WELTREISE-TRAUM team.



"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

Victor Hugo (1802-1885)




WELTREISE-TRAUM means—specifically to us—the passion to travel.

The fantastic thing about traveling is discovering new places.  Places that make us feel good.  It's about experiencing the country's soul.  It's about seeing the world through someone else's eyes and broadening one's horizons.  Travel is also about the fun.  It gives us the chance to see the diversity and contrast to what we are familiar with and to realize that there is so much more to this world than our own accustomed surroundings.


After many of our own personally planned vacations through all continents, we came to the point where we realized that it just wasn't enough to live our lives going from vacation to vacation.  

We circled the world...for many months.  During our own TRIP AROUND THE WORLD, we began to enjoy travel in a whole new dimension.  We had a new sense of awareness for space and time. It developed week by week, country by country.  That trip was then followed by a second WORLD TRIP that lasted the course of a year.  

We are now fortunate enough to be able to share our expertise with our clients by planning customized itineraries with enthusiasm and delight.   Our infatuation with details, the thrill of creating long lasting memories around the world for others and the joy we get from working so closely with our clients was what convinced us that this was right for us.

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In the year it took us to prepare for our first trip around the world, we had miraculously managed to find spare time to research and book all flights, accommodations, tours and even make some restaurant reservations.  Doing it this way allowed us to maximize our time in each place to focus our attention on embracing the diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, lively cities and meeting exciting new people.  It made room in our itinerary for more adventure.  We do exactly this for our clients... we enhance our clients' travel by creating the capacity needed for them to savor their experiences. This is precisely what our clients appreciate and value most about our concept.


We discovered long ago, when planning our own vacations, and especially during the preparations for our TRIP AROUND THE WORLD, that we had a special talent for creating itineraries and arranging the details.  We saw that we actually enjoyed doing all the things that others found to be a nuisance.  In fact we soon realized that—even for new destinations or projects where we had no prior experience—we were doing things and discovering activities that would fulfill even our own (very high) expectations.  That was when we decided to use our expansive experiences, our apparently innate instincts and our excitement to plan to create and begin this incredible journey in becoming WELTREISE-TRAUM. Take a moment to read the testimonials below to find out what others have to say about us.  



WELTREISE-TRAUM offers the ultimate peace of mind regarding consumer rights guarantees.  

According to § 651k BGB, the travel agency WELTREISE-TRAUM, is required to and has secured Professional Indemnity insurance to protect our clients payments with R+V Insurance Company.


Enjoy the luxury of our experience and knowledge used to create a WORLD TRIP for you that has been planned with dedication and extreme attention to detail.  We deliver a level of service that fulfills both your and our high expectations.  Our focus lies on your desires and expectations and will be planned according to your preferred travel style.  It's made just for you: Your ideas. Your guidelines. Your time frame.

Our ultimate goal is to give you the greatest, most rewarding way for you to enjoy the discover your greatest you and your greatest WORLD TRIP DREAM.


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