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A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD is a unique and extremely special event in a person's life.

Our services are available from the very first thoughts or vague ideas of the planning stage.  We gladly share our experience and give advice on how to take an extended leave from work, guiding you through any necessary preparations and—most importantly—taking care of all the organizational details concerning your DREAM VACATION.



"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

Lao-Tzu ( 4th century, B.C.)

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You dream and travel, we plan and organize your WORLD TRIP.  We are there for you - before, during and after your WORLD TRIP.

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"Travel is the only thing that money can buy, which makes one wealthier." To invest in a journey around the world means to invest in yourself. 


Not possible? No time? There are more ways than one would imagine. Plan your time off with us!

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