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WELTREISE-TRAUM proudly partners with PLAN International Germany in INDONESIA


Many young people in Indonesia are ill-prepared for careers or the job market after finishing their schooling.  Many of them are lacking the practical skills that are often just as valuable as any classroom theory.  Young women with no secure or regular income are at high risk of poverty, exploitation and child marriage.  

In order to assist these young adults with improving their chances within the work field, PLAN has organized schooling and courses to prepare them for various careers.  Participants learn the practical skills needed in the areas of their choice.  Internships are offered in local companies to give them the useful work experience they will need in the future.  


In the interest of getting these young men and women jobs directly after their training, organizations like UNICEF help them get in contact with local employers.  Their goal is to find reasonably well-paid jobs for at least 500 young adults, 80% of which are female.

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  Career Building for Young Women in Central Java

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"In teaching there should be no distinction of classes."

Confucius (552 B.C. - 479 B.C.)

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