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Why a blog about WORLD TRIPS?

Is there still any added value in the large selection of blogs about world trips and time-out that WELTREISE_TRAUM can offer you? Decide for yourself!

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What we want by this blog is ...

  • to focus on the special feature "WORLD TRIP"

  • to show how extraordinary our WORLD JOURNEY philosophy is

  • shedding light on travel and WORLD TOURS from various perspectives

  • to excite you for foreign countries

  • to invite you for dreaming

  • passing on our fascination of travel and world travel

  • to be thought-provoking

  • looking behind the scenes

  • passing on current and sometimes enigmatic news from all over the world

  • leading you by the diversity of articles to the diversity in tour world

  • to see travel and WORLD TRIPS as an inherent part of life

  • to understand the topics of work-life balance and time-out as a social turnaround

  • to confess to the benefits of an organized WORLD JOURNEY

  • redefining WORLD JOURNEY for a new group of world travelers

  • to emphasize and promote respect for the countries and their people visited


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