Palm fringed white sand. Turquoise blue, caressing the body warm water. Most colorful fish between colored corals. Maximum relaxed smiling, chocolate brown islanders. Names like Bora Bora, Rarotonga, Samoa, Raiatea or Atutaki. Pictures that are commonly associated with the idea of "paradise" in the imagination of almost every person? And does not the term "South...

In the philosophy of WELTREISE-DREAM, no journey and certainly not a journey around the world is the simple succession of places and accommodations. There are destinations around the world where in very special locations very special people have thought a lot about forms of accommodation as a fusion of architectural and cultural ambiance and interior that exactly...

September 23, 2018

At some point, this settlement in the marshes of the Mekong was called Prei Nokor or village in the forest. About 2000 years later, this very village is called Ho Chi Minh City, has about 6 million inhabitants and is one of the most dynamic and up-and-coming cities in Asia. For a long time in between, the city was also known as Saigon or Sai Gon, but after the de...

© travelART by ELLEN 

When does a museum manage to arouse almost childlike amazement and well-being of all its senses? A visit to a museum - often enough just a holiday emergency solution for rainy days - suddenly and unexpectedly turns into an event of a special kind and leaves you speechless more than once. Many reasons make a visit to the Louvre Abu Dhabi an un...

Can we travel without bias? Should we travel without bias? Can we discover a country without prejudice? Can we perceive people as they really are? Are we ready to discover the reality or are we looking for confirmation of our ready-made images? What is disappointment teaching us and why is traveling not just "vacation" but the chance for individual and personal d...

Ocean drive Miami Beach. Evening atmosphere. A roaring, deep red Corvette Stingray C7 Convertible passes a street-parked sky-blue 1965 Ford Thunderbird, whose white convertible roof has been decoratively tipped to the rear. Behind the wheel of the many open luxury cars, tanned model athletes are sitting in front of muscle bursting T-shirts or Armani suit straps w...

Again and again we are asked about it - Where is the not yet discovered dream beach that nobody knows? Where can we really get to know untouched cultures? Where do people still live unaffected by external (or especially western) influences?

Questions that are at first glance, from a general social perspective quite understandable, but where a look behind the scene...

Forget everything that you associate with camping. No gas cooker, no leaking air mattress, no wet sleeping bag. That was once in the past!

Glamorous camping or just Glamping has really only the tent as a connecting, traditional element. Everything else is pure 5-star luxury and that combined with the possibilities that result from the integration into the surround...

© travelART by ELLEN 

Almost lovingly the Australians call it "Tassie". A nickname for this island, which belongs to Australia, but after the separation from the big Down Under continent towards the end of the last ice age has developed in many ways a life of its own.

For a long time Tasmania moved under the radar of the big tourist streams. Australia? Quite far aw...

© travelART by ELLEN

Over the centuries, people in Bali have maintained their own religion and their own cosmic world view. There are gods and nature, magic and earthly, good and evil. But all these are not opposites, but the good, divine powers and the dark, demonic powers coexist permanently and it is up to the Balinese to keep the balance of this cosmic balance...

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August 12, 2015

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