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For a long time far away - the special of a trip around the world

WORLD TRAVEL. There is hardly anyone who can resist the fascination of that words. Eleven letters behind which images and emotions, visions and dreams, hopes and longings are hidden to an infinite extent. But what is special about a trip around the world? And what makes it different from an "ordinary" holiday?

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Australia was the third country on our trip around the world. We sat here at Sydney International Airport and laughed at each other. "Not going home!" On the scoreboard of our gate shone bright and inviting "Nadi". We went on to Fiji. Every time we left a country or a continent, we took the time to become fully aware of our particular situation. It was not the end of a vacation, we did not fly home, we kept going on. Not back, always forward, around the globe.

Do not we all know that? Two weeks of vacation, in which the first three to four days of the head still buzzing with all the stress and bustle before leaving and the last three to four days, the mind prepares again for everyday life.

What if the time gap between them was not 8 days but maybe 8 weeks or even 6 months?

And that is just one of the many experiences that you can make on a trip around the world, but there is much more.

TIME. At once almost infinite time. Of course you can set that up in a "normal" vacation, if you extend this to several weeks. But who really does that. On a world tour, however, sufficient time is an indispensable cornerstone. If sights, experiences and activities per unit of time spread over a longer period of time, this inevitably leads to a reduction of content and thus inevitably to a reduction of pressure and stress. And suddenly, something that has always been desired arises: free time. Time periods in which there is plenty of room for impressions, perceptions, leisure and for oneself.

SPACE. Gradually almost infinite space. With each passing day, the distance between the starting point and the current point of the journey increases. Of course, you can also fly quickly during your holiday to the other side of the world and thus bring about the maximum spatial distance to everyday life very quickly. Anyone who has made a trip around the world, knows that this is not the same, because the distance develops enjoyably slowly and thus beneficial and with unimagined intensity is noticeable.

TIME x SPACE. Only the product of time and space is the unique characteristic of a trip around the world. Time and space are the framework that every world traveler can then fill with content himself. According to your own wishes and ideas. Sufficient time and space are also the criteria that are necessary to regenerate the receptors, which are often stunted by everyday life, called perception.

RELATIVITY. What seemed to be very big and important before the departure, comes after a few days in the personal perception of at least on your second place. You know that from almost every holiday, at least in the carefree middle part. And now imagine how this feels after two, three, four or even 10 weeks and / or countries. The ranking of your own priorities and problems is massively changed or rather confused. And quite often, this results in a sustainable "re-arrangement". The distance, the gradual ascent into the bird's eye view, which is also affectionately referred to in the jargon as a meta-level, creates space for new horizons, insights, creativity and visions.

CATALYST. A world tour requires a new rhythm of travel. Every world traveler automatically develops his own. And it is not the flights and accommodations that characterize the individual travel behavior, but rather the daily routines. One can enjoy and celebrate the cherished, valuable rituals, e.g. with an extensive breakfast into the day or later looking for the optimal place for the sunset. A world tour like no other form of vacation helps, as it offers you a compressed platform for your own development.

AWARENESS. A new perception of the world. Not only to feel the geographic phenomenon up close, that the earth is a sphere. But to experience the process of changing your perception from country to country, from culture to culture. Only a trip around the world creates a new openness of the senses that you may have never experienced before. One experiences that one perceives a country quite differently when one visits it in a succession and chain of countries in the context of a world trip, than if one tours it isolated in the context of a short vacation.

DELTA OF CULTURES. The direct succession of different countries, different people, diverse religions and diverse ways of life and behavior creates the basis and sharpens the senses to better recognize and feel the unique and distinctive differences of cultures. And this on a differentiated and finer level. But sometimes also to see that the process of cultural globalization and equalization - starting with clothing, nutrition, transport and communication - is unstoppable.

ADDED VALUE. Actually, it is paradoxical to put this measurement criterion on a trip around the world, in which one actually wants to get out of the "normal" everyday life and out of a system of performance, competition and overburdening. If you were still looking for other "benefits" of a trip around the world, the answers are certainly just as varied as the individual expectations of a trip around the world.

One or the other will be able to satisfy his unruly hunger for life on the journey around the world, which otherwise haunts him in many holidays of many years. On a trip around the world you may get the chance to satisfy this need and thus to rest. But honestly, there is often a longing for more.

Or you can see the world tour as a source of regeneration. On the one hand, the world tour is undoubtedly often tiring per se, on the other hand, moments of joy, positive experiences, experiences and education, as one knows and loves it from every journey, amplify and add up. But in this long and concentrated form, a world trip is an energy tank, a way to recharge your physical and mental powers.

Or you just enjoy with all your senses the wonderful things this world has to offer. Visit sights without the usual short-term limit, play golf, sail, relax, snorkel or do yoga at beautifully situated spots, celebrate with cheerful people around the globe, indulge in culinary delights or indulge in the sensations of breathtaking nature and scenery.

SUMMARY. A world tour is an opportunity. How and if you use it is up to you. In any case, a trip around the world is a great experiment and an unforgettable adventure.

A trip around the world sometimes gives answers to questions. Not automatically on any questions you ask yourself. Sometimes, surprisingly, questions that you have not asked yet before.



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