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Traveling around the world is not a succession of kilometers, not the check off of sights. Traveling is pausing, seeing and perceiving. From many perspectives.

Photo: Ly Hoang Long/www.tpoty.com

We owe this and the following perspectives to the "Travel Photographer of the Year" (www.tpoty.com) and editor Michael Hegenauer, who has published them in the WORLD and shared them with WELTREISE-TRAUM.

A man near the village of Tat Vien in the province of Hung Yen transports fishing baskets on his bicycle.

Photo: Marsel van Oosten/www.tpoty.com

The winning picture in the "Travel Photographer of the Year 2015" contest: a black and white shot of the Dutchman Marsel van Oosten from the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana, the largest "wetland" in the USA.

Photo: Brigitta Moser/www.tpoty.com

Long-tailed monkey taken in South Africa.

Photo: Timothy Allen/www.tpoty.com

Wedding couple in the Altai Mountains, Western Mongolia.

Photo: Zhou Jianyong/www.tpoty.com

People looking for refreshment and pleasure in a swimming pool in the Chinese province of Szechuan.

Photo: Rafal Ziejewski/www.tpoty.com

Portrait of a young girl from the shepherds of Dassanech (Southwest Ethiopia)

Photo: Ignacio Palacios/www.tpoty.com

Flamingos over the flooded Marismas del Guadalquivir - wetlands in Andalusia/Spain.

Photo: Maria de la Guardia/www.tpoty.com

Afghan women sell preserving jars of pickled vegetables at a education center in Faizabad, capital of the Badakhshan province.

Photo: Francisco Mingorance/www.tpoty.com

Aerial view of the Rio Tinto in Huelva, Andalusia/Spain.

Photo: Hugo Berman/www.tpoty.com

he eleven-year-old French photographer portrayed an old woman in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Photo: Jianhui Liao/www.tpoty.com

Snowy egret with offspring in Nanchang, the capital of the Chinese province of Jiangxi.

Photo: Timothy Allen/www.tpoty.com

Smartphone snapshot of a Mongolian hunter with his eagle.

Source: WELTN24 GmbH, www.welt.de, online publication http://www.welt.de/reise/article150186798/Das-sie-die-besten-Reisefotos-des-Jahres-2015.html

Explicitly we thank Mr. Michael Hegenauer for his support.

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