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INSPIRATION #8 - 5 Continents in 33 days

DURATION: 33 days

GENERAL INFO: Solo traveler, male, 60 years old

TRAVEL PROFILE: This trip around the world should be an experience, not necessarily the ultimate adventure. The goal is to visit as many continents as possible in this short amount of time and to encounter as many cultural differences as possible, which could be challenging due to constant moving around. A trip of this nature can be exhausting, so comfort is a high priority. 



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Element 1 (2 days: Sao Paulo, Brasil)

Days 1-3: This trip begins in Sau Paulo. A private tour guide leads the way through the city on both days. A partial day tour and one full day tour are booked to allow for a one of a kind exploration of this city's highlights.  

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Element 2 (2 days: Lima, Peru)

Days 3-6: Peruse the Peruvian markets in the capitol city of Lima on a private day-tour; enjoying its historical traces within the metropolitan area of Peru. 

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Element 3 (2 days: Los Angeles, U.S.)

Days 6-8: Take a tour through the legendary Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry and visit other interesting private residences with an experienced architect for the day. After visiting a few other Los Angeles highlights, a trip to the pool or surrounding city beaches allows time for relaxation and soaking up some California sun.

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Element 4 (4 days: Auckland, New Zealand)

Days 8-12: Crossing the International Date Line, it's off to New Zealand. The metropolitan area of Auckland offers a lot to explore. Drive through the city and the surrounding areas to reveal the phenomenal secrets of New Zealand.  Seeing the hidden treasures in Auckland with the help of a local validates one's instinctual urge to discover.  

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Element 5 (4 days: Sydney, Australia)

Days 12-15:  Enjoy the top photo spots of Sydney with a privately booked tour. Benefit from the insight of a local and get a real feel for the city while visiting the best places in town—including the fascinating Sydney Harbour. Enjoy a prime seat at the Open Air Opera and perhaps catch someone like the legendary Carmen, all while relishing the incredible view of the Sydney Opera House. No need to worry; the itinerary still allows space and time to explore a bit of the city yourself or give you a chance for a walk along the beach.  

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Element 6 (3 days: Tokyo, Japan)

Days 15-18: A new element of cultural exposure awaits upon the scheduled arrival in Japan. A private guide leads the way through the hidden passage ways of this big city, where historical and modern aspects exist side by side in the smallest of areas. Reservations at some of Japan's most renowned restaurants allows the culinary culture of Japan to shine. There is still plenty of time to go out on your own to explore this unique, global city.

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Element 7 (2 days: Seoul, South Korea)

Days 15-17: Visit this modern and advanced city with a private tour guide. Embrace the unforgettable experiences  of seeing temples, gardens and seasonal cherry blossoms.

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Element 8 (2 days: Mumbai, India)

Days 17-19: The journey continues taking you to a completely different and new culture: India. Again, with a private guide, wander through the colorful markets to experience India with its distinctive smells, intense flavors and exhilarating feelings! Take a sightseeing trip of the city for the day with a local guide and embrace the atmosphere of this incredible country. 

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Element 9 (4 days: Nairobi, Kenya)

Days 19-24: After a long stretch of predominantly city stops, it's time for some nature and wildlife. With overnight stays in Nairobi before and after this experience, enjoy this trip with a thrilling flight on a propeller plane to the Masai Mara National Park and stay in a 5-star camp. Experience authentic Africa with Game Drives scheduled mornings and evenings to see the animals and plant life of Kenya up close in their natural habitats.   

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Element 10 (3 days: Marrakesh, Marocco)

Days 30-33: In order to experience a variety of cultures wholly, the final destination is that of the fairy tale from 1001 Arabian Nights. The private guide, a local, takes you through his home town, winding through the maze of alleys and narrow streets exploring the enchanting world of Souks, all the way down to Marrakesh's main square, Djeema el Fna. A stop at a hammam is planned to unwind and enjoy a 4-hand massage. The restaurant reservations at traditional local place provide the final touch to this all encompassing delight for the senses. 

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The itinerary mentioned above included: first or business class flights, all private airport transportation, all accommodations in 5-Star categories, guaranteed early check-ins and late check-outs when necessary due to flights, rental cars, all tours and activities as described, nightly reservations in fine dining restaurants or authentic and traditional locales, complete planning, organization and support provided by WELTREISE-TRAUM. Contact us at WELTREISE-TRAUM to get a quote on the investment in your DREAM VACATION.

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