DURATION: 14 months

GENERAL INFO: Family of three, 37, 35 and 3 years old 

TRAVEL PROFILE: Start date: July. On the list: places you'd normally only see on TV. Plenty of time in the U.S. (specifically East and West Coast), stops in the northern and southern hemisphere being sure to stay within their respective summer months. Child-friendly travel as far as possible, i.e. hotels, kitchenettes, ensuring ample time in each place to adjust to new time zones. 


Element 1 (3 weeks: U.S., southern Florida)

Days 1-21: Spend time to get comfortable and adjust to the WORLD TRIP in a quaint house on the beach outside of Miami with a rental car to explore the area, the Everglades and the Florida Keys. 

Element 2 (3 weeks: eastern U.S.)

Days 21-42: Take a road trip to see the cities of Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Boston all the way up to the Niagara Falls in Toronto, Canada.

Element 3 (1 week: Vancouver, Canada)

Days 42-49: Spend one week in a cozy house in Vancouver with a rental car that allows you to explore the beautiful nature Canada has to offer. 

Element 4 (5 weeks: western U.S.)

Days 49-84: Begin here with a tour of the National Parks in an RV starting in Seattle, heading east of the Rockies to see Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley. From there, head south of Los Angeles and continue up north to San Francisco. Enjoy a one week stay to recuperate in a typical San Francisco-style house.  

Element 5 (3 weeks: Hawaii )

Days 84-105: Island hop between Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii. Each stop includes a rental car to explore these magnificent islands.

Element 6 (4 weeks: Mexico)

Days 105-133: Use the rental car to travel from Mexico City to Cancun, stopping to see Mayan and Aztec highlights along the way. End this portion of the trip with a one week stay in Cancun for a bit of fun in the sun. 

Element 7 (5 weeks: South America)

Days 133-168: 2 weeks are spent in a private residence in Rio de Janeiro. Stop at the Iguazu Falls on the way to Argentina, where a 2 week stay is planned to embrace the lifestyle in Buenos Aires. Another 1-2 weeks are scheduled for gorgeous Bariloche, surrounded by the limitless Andes Mountains, next to a large glacial lake where exploration opportunities are endless. 

Element 8 (5 weeks: South Africa)

Days 168-193: Spend 1.5 weeks in Cape Town, 1.5 weeks to make the way up the Garden Route towards Port Elizabeth and use the last 2 weeks for Drakensberg in the Great Escarpment and Johannesburg. 

Element 9 (6 weeks: New Zealand)

Days 193-235: Stay 1 week in Queenstown, on a 4 week RV trip to extensively embrace the South and North Islands. Stay in the charming and buzzing city of Auckland one week before leaving. 

Element 10 (8 weeks: Australia)

Days 235-291: 2 weeks in Melbourne are spent traveling along the Great Ocean Road, seeing the Grampians, all while being surrounded by emus and kangaroos. Another 2 weeks are planned for Sydney and surrounding areas, being sure to stop at the Ayers Rock/Uluru. Finish it up with 3 weeks in Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef and then one week in and around Darwin.  

Element 11 (5 weeks: Bali and Singapore)

Days 291-326: 2 weeks of being surrounded by rice fields and temples in Ubud, then 2 more weeks on the beach in Sanur, followed by a few days in the lively Asian city of Singapore.  

Element 12 (4 weeks: China)

Days 326-354: Sit back and relax on the guided tour from Peking to Shanghai down to Hong Kong, which includes a stop at the Great Wall of China and a Yangtse river cruise with various stops. Take a break for a week at the beach on Hainan Island before moving on.  

Element 13 (5 weeks: Thailand)

Days 354-389: Spend 1 week in Bangkok and surrounding areas, then another 2 weeks traveling up to the northern part of Thailand and into Chiang Mai. 2 additional weeks are reserved for southern Thailand including a few quick trips to Malaysia.  

Element 14 (10 days: Dubai/UAE)

Days 389-399: The last 10 days are for rest and relaxation on the beach with the occasional day trip into the desert.


The itinerary for this family with a 3 year old child included: economy class flights, with mid-range hotels, private houses or rental apartments.  

Total trip length: 399 days, with a start date of July 1st, returning on August 4th of the following year.  

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