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INSPIRATION #4 - An extraordinary honeymoon for 6 weeks

DURATION: 6 weeks

GENERAL INFO: Couple, 30 and 32 years old

TRAVEL PROFILE:  A honeymoon from one year to the next, using maximum vacation time. Yearning for romance in the South Pacific Ocean. Wanting to see special events in happening cities ranging from the classics to the absurd. A must-have before heading home: the beach. Must be cost-conscious but with style.


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Element 1 (3 days: Hong Kong)

Days 1-4: Discover Hong Kong. Visit the Cantonese opera with English subtitles and enjoy partial day tours exploring the Chinese culinary world. 

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Element 2 (6 days: Sydney)

Days 4-11: The romantic side to Sydney.

Experience a ballet premiere of Sleeping Beauty at the world famous Sydney Opera House. Indulge in a romantic and unforgettable dinner sampling the culinary expertise of star chef Nathan Griffin on the 36th floor in the restaurant Altitude, with its breathtaking views of Sydney's landmarks. Take in the beautiful views of Sydney's harbor with a skippered boat charter. 

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Element 3 (6 days: Auckland)

Days 11-17: Spend some time in Auckland and get a taste of the North Island. An exclusive day tour of a boutique vineyard on the west coast of New Zealand is planned for you to enjoy their distinguished wines, including a vineyard picnic. This is followed by an overnight harbor cruise in Auckland, to experience the phenomenal New Zealand scenery by train, heading into the heart of the country. Stop at local events, a concert for example, at Western Springs Stadium in Auckland.  

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Element 4 (7 days: Rarotonga)

Days 17-24: This is what a honeymoon feels like: a beach bungalow in romantic Rarotonga, in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. The little hut on the beach is the perfect place to celebrate your new life as newlyweds. Embark on a snorkeling safari together to see the most vibrant coral fish, then taking a canoe along the beach or opt for a relaxing day at the spa enjoying the Honeymoon Package. End the day on the perfect note with an exclusive candlelight dinner on the beach.

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Element 5 (13 days: USA - L.A., New York, Miami )

Days 25-38: Spend 4 days in Los Angeles taking a surfing course at legendary Venice Beach and a trip to Hollywood.  4 days in New York with a New Year's Eve dinner and fireworks at Times Square. Watch the Lion King musical and take a horse and carriage ride through Central Park.  

5 days in Miami are spent savoring the stylish atmosphere and parties or relaxing on the picturesque Florida beaches.  Enjoy a sunset tour on an air boat through the Everglades and finish up with a relaxing spa day at the Eden Roc Resort in Miami Beach. 

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The intinerary for this newlywed couple included: economy class flights, all scheduled events, hotels offering honeymoon options. The total length of the trip was 38 days, beginning on the 4th of December, returning on the 10th of January in the new year. Vacation days used: 15 days from previous year, 4 days from the next year. Contact us at WELTREISE-TRAUM to get a quote for the investment in this DREAM VACATION.  

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