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DURATION: 90 days

GENERAL INFO: Solo traveler, male, 26 years old

TRAVEL PROFILE:  Solo traveler, time off after college: in search of adventure, physical challenges and unique places that offer a mix of nature, city life and exhilarating energy. Hobbies include: tennis, soccer, skiing/snowboarding, playing the guitar and reading


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Element 1 (18 days: Canada)

Days 1-18: This winter wonderland and natural phenomena are all wrapped up in one. Start in metropolitan Vancouver, head to northern Canada, not far from Yellowknife, where the adventure really begins. Take off with a snowmobile tour to see the Northern Lights, followed by some snowshoeing and dog sledding. The arrival in Whistler is just in time for Christmas and a ski and snowboard camp; all of this happening in the superb powder snow of the Rocky Mountains.

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Element 2 (20 days: Brasil/Argentina)

Days 19-38: New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro - an unforgettable experience! After 7 days of Rio, embark upon an incredible river cruise through the Amazon Rainforest, go on a jungle hike followed by a canoe expedition including piranha fishing. Next stop: the impressive Iguazu Falls. Following this are a few days in the exciting city of Buenos Aires - keep busy with a Tango dance class and a private guitar lesson.  

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Element 3 (20 days: New Zealand)

Days 40-61: Travel from Auckland to Queenstown: things start off with a few days on the North Island in the charming city of Auckland. Take a road trip through Rotorua, Taupo and Wellington by car. Experience the breathtaking route of the scenic train to Christchurch, then arrive in Queenstown by bus. An adventurous bike tour around Milford Sound makes the few days in Queenstown especially relaxing.  

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Element 4 (12 days: Tokyo/Japan)

Days 61-72:  Dive into the impressive city of Tokyo, while spending the next 12 days in style in a penthouse apartment centrally located in Harajuku. In addition to taking day trips to Mt. Fuji or Kyoto on the Shinkansen (bullet train), there is plenty of time to delve into the Japanese culture by taking a Japanese cooking class, checking out Sumo wrestling practice, having dinner with Geishas and joining in on a local soccer league's weekly scrimmage.   

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Element 5 (18 days: Thailand)

Days 72-90: Let Thailand welcome you. Spend 6 days in Bangkok discovering the lively city as well as the cities of Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, with a visit to the floating markets. Travel all throughout northern Thailand by train, then be in the moment for a 4 day meditation course with a Buddhist monk, finishing up your trip by trekking on the back of an elephant to the island of Ko Samui to relax while reliving it all in your mind.

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The itinerary above included: economy class flights, ski/snowboard camp with lodging with a Canadian family, single cabin on the river cruise, compact rental car, a variety of tasteful Bed & Breakfasts and highly rated hotels, most of which have a fitness center or tennis courts nearby.  Contact us at WELTREISE-TRAUM for a quote on your DREAM VACATION.  

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