INSPIRATION #11 - Incas, Mayans and Aztecs

DURATION: 31 days

GENERAL INFO: Solo traveler, female, 77 years old

TRAVEL PROFILE: Despite many travels in the past and advanced age, there is still a great desire to go on traveling and a huge curiosity about foreign countries. To broaden her horizons and to gain new experiences are still the dominant maxim of her life. Unrestricted physical and mental fitness are the best prerequisites for continuing to tackle new travel projects. The culture of the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs has always been a source of great fascination and should be concentrated on and experienced in direct contact on this journey. The focus of the trip should also be on nature, wildlife and living local culture. Her desire is a journey in which everything is perfectly organized; a mix of time to explore and periods to rest.


Element 1 (7 days: Mexico)

Days 1-8: Flight to Mexico City in business class. Upon arrival, there is a day of relaxation and acclimatization. Visit the landmarks of the Aztec culture in and around Mexico City, such as the Tenochitán Temple, the Templo Mayor Museum and the Teotihuacán site, with a private guide. On the Yucatan Peninsula starting from Merida you are in contact with the Mayan culture: Uxmal, Chichén Iza and Ek 'Balam are real treasure troves for cultural, archaeological and architecturally interested people. The specially trained guide keeps the balance between experiences, activity and regeneration phases during all activities. The distances from Mexico City and Yucatan are easily bridged by plane or air-conditioned private van. Prestigious 4-star or 5-star hotels in Mexico City and Cancun, as well as a colonial boutique hotel in Merida, guarantee your comfort.

Element 2 (3 days: Belize)

Days 8-11: For 3 nights you will experience an Eco-lodge in the rain forest, the Pine Ridge Forest of Belize. In addition to exploring ancient Mayan sites deep in the rain forest, this stay is above-all dedicated to pure nature contact: observe native birds, experience the sounds of the rain forest on a guided night walk and enjoy a relaxing massage next to the waterfall.

Element 3 (9 days: Guatemala)

Days 11-20: Nowadays more than 6 million Mayas live in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala - cultural history meets present. In the middle of the jungle of Guatemala you will find the most impressive Mayan site: the Tikal Ruins. In Flores, Antigua and Lake Atitlan comfortable boutique hotels are awaiting you in a fantastic location, there feel comfortable and pampered. These are also excellent starting points for discovering the area or simply for immersing yourself in the culture of Guatemala at its local markets, in the colonial old towns or in the simple craft shops. The local private guide ensures a balanced selection of content. In the evening you can relax and enjoy the view from the hotel terrace down to the Atitlan lake, which means "the place where the rainbow gets its colors."

Element 4 (10 days: Peru)

Days 20-31: In Peru you can walk in the footsteps of the Incas. After the business class flight from Guatemala City to Lima and a day of relaxation, a professional private guide will guide you through the metropolis of Lima with its sights and hidden gems. Next stop is a 5-star resort in the Sacred Valley in the Andes, surrounded by llamas and alpacas. From here you can easily reach the original local markets of the Urubamba Valley as well as the terraces of Maras. Participation in a small, intimate sacrifice ceremony with a shaman is a truly authentic event. To visit Machu Picchu, take the Vistadom train on the way there and the luxurious Hiram Bingham on the way back. In Cusco, the last stop of the journey, you again visit famous Inca sites and take a walk with the private guide through the markets. Time to immerse yourself in the Peruvian culture or to buy last souvenirs.


 The itinerary mentioned above included: economy class short-haul flights, long-distance business class flights, all private airport shuttles, all tours privately run from/to your hotel with experienced, archeology-savvy guides, train passages in Peru, accommodation in upscale boutique hotels with typical flair or 5-star hotels, the complete planning, organizing and support of the trip provided by WELTREISE-TRAUM. Contact us for a quote on the investment in your DREAM VACATION.




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