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INSPIRATION #10 - Off the beaten path 

DURATION: 46 days

GENERAL INFO: 2 adventurous friends

TRAVEL PROFILE: These two have seen their fair share of countries on business trips and other vacations. So this 6-7 week trip should be something special. Including countries that are not typical vacation destinations. Their main focus here: adventure and traveling comfortably. These unusual countries should be explored by indulging in the culinary specialties with good food and cooking classes. There should be a good mix of cities and landscapes as well as exciting, contrasting cultures. 


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Element 1 (4 days: Cuba)

Days 1-5: It begins with a direct flight from Germany to Havana. A private tour guide leads the way through this exotic metropolitan city. The following day a stylish, classic car is scheduled to drive you to Viñales Valley with a scheduled visit to the tobacco farms in western Cuba. A great balance between city and landscape—while leaving space in the itinerary for a little self-guided exploration.

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Element 2 (8 days: Peru)

Days 5-12: Stay in a 5-star boutique hotel with colonial style design in Lima, where a personalized guided tour through the city is booked, including a cooking class with a head chef, to explore the sights and tastes of Peru. 4 of these days are spent on the luxurious Aria river cruise ship making its way through the Peruvian part of the Amazon. This is intense sensory stimulation: culinary dreams and breathtaking landscapes!

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Element 3 (7 days: Ecuador)

Days 12-19: 3 nights are spent in Ecuador's capitol city of Quito, where a private guide is waiting to share their culture. Experience the contrast of this South American metropolitan city. The following 5 days will be spent at a 5-star Eco Lodge on the Galápagos Islands with day trips to see the intriguing and exciting animal and plant species, many of which can be found nowhere else. The Galápagos landscape is a marvelous sight with its volcanic terrain and fragile ecosystem that creates a magical biodiversity.

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Element 4 (2 days: Mexico City)

Days 19-21: Mexico City is the perfect place for a quick layover. This widespread city will be explored by private guide who uncovers all the hidden jewels Mexico City has tucked away. The Teotihuacán Pyramids also offer plenty of memorable cultural impressions. The lively city life is balanced out by a bit of nature in just a short amount of time.

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Element 5 (6 days: Vancouver)

Days 21-26: After arriving in Vancouver, a seaplane waits to fly its passengers to Vancouver Island where accommodations have been booked at the Luxury-Wilderness-Resort. This is "glamping" at its best. This raw and adventurous destination allows nature to offer its best: fishing, hiking, yoga and bear watching. Your itinerary is created just for you and according to your interests. This luxury camping trip has all the modern conveniences for a comfortable stay, not to mention the fantastic kitchen where the food is unreal.

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Element 6 (10 days: Japan)

Days 26-35: This might just be the biggest cultural shift of the entire trip: leaving the Canadian wilderness and jumping into Japan's extreme energy. Let 3 days of exciting Tokyo sink in while taking a city tour and get a feel for the surroundings in this buzzing city. Naturally, a cooking course is on the list of 'to-do's,' after all, Japan's culinary world is incredibly unique.  

A ride on the well known Shinkansen Bullet Train takes you to Hakone and then on to Kyoto where 2 or 3 nights in each city will give you a small peek into the typical Japanese lifestyle. The local landmarks are accentuated by a balanced mix of landscape and surrounding cities. Accommodations are booked at a luxurious 5-star hotel in a traditionally 

designed Ryokan. 

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Element 7 (8 days: China)

Days 35-43: The stunning landscape that stretches between the two thrilling cities of Shanghai and Peking can be embraced while traveling to visit the Giant Panda Sanctuary, the Leshan Giant Buddha and sipping a cup of tea in a traditional and local tea house. There are numerous sights worth seeing in both Shanghai and Peking that easily keep one occupied.

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Element 8 (3 days: Uzbekistan)

Days 43-46: This capitol city is constantly surprising its visitors with its fantastic blend of traditional and modern styles. Tashkent has many facets: Besides countless parks and the jaw-dropping Tashkent markets and bazaars, this city has impressive modern architecture. Spend a day traveling at top speed with the high-speed rail line to Samarkand, where famous mosques and the spectacular Registan Square are waiting to enchant visitors.

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The itinerary mentioned above included: economy class short-haul flights, long-distance business class flights, all airport shuttles, all 5 star accommodations and Ryokan style hotel, guaranteed early check-ins and late check-outs when necessary due to flight times, restaurant reservations where appropriate, Amazon River Cruise, all guided tours and activities as described, fine-dining dinner restaurant reservations or locales with local flavors, the complete planning, organizing and support of the trip provided by WELTREISE-TRAUM. Contact us for a quote on the investment in your DREAM VACATION.

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