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INSPIRATION #12 - Canada intense 

DURATION: 33 days

GENERAL INFO: couple, 58 and 56 years

TRAVEL PROFILE: After a trip around the world and many other trips to many parts of the world, the Canadian continent will be toured in all its facets - French and English cities will be integrated as well as the incredibly diverse landscape and wildlife. Regarding to a bucket list certain national parks, whale watching and helicopter flight over Vancouver City should not be missed. The means of transport should - as well as during the world tour - be made very varied.


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Element 1 (4 days Vancouver)

Days 1-4: What a great way to start your world trip - Vancouver is a city full of charm and surrounded by an incomparable landscape. Stroll through this waterfront town and enjoy the very special atmosphere in the streets and the harbor. A highlight will be the „flightseeing“ by helicopter over Vancouver into the setting sun.

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Element 2 (5 days Vancouver Island)

Days 4-8: By rental car to Vancouver Island. Your resort offers every opportunity to discover the landscape of this famous island on your own and still recover in the beautiful nature. A boat trip will, if you are lucky, bring you closer to the largest mammals on earth: orcas, humpback whales, gray or minke whales.

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Element 3 (3 days Great Bear Forest) 

Day 8-11: In this section of your journey, all the clichés that you have about Canada become reality: dense forests, wooden huts, bears. The Great Bear Rainforest is part of the huge Pacific Temperate Rainforest Ecoregion, the largest of its kind in the world. A real insider tip. The program of the lodge on site takes place in very small groups with a maximum of 4 other people.

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Element 4 (3 days Rocky Mountaineer)

Days 11-14: A very special experience is following - with the legendary Rocky Mountaineer train in 3 days from Vancouver to Jasper. While you are pampered in comfortable seats, the breathtaking scenery of Canada and the Rocky Mountains glides past you.This train journey is a further very special enrichment in the diverse range of your trip through Canada.

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Element 5 (9 Days Rocky Mountains)

Days 14-22: Now the section begins where you can visit some of the world famous Canadian National Parks in and around the Rocky Mountains. Between Jasper and Banff are almost all the major and stunning national parks - Icefield Parkway, Kootenay National Park and Yoho National Park - so you can visit them on the drive from Jasper to Lake Louise or later from your 5 * hotel on Lake Louise. Scheduled are 2 nights Jasper, 4 nights on Lake Louise and 2 nights in Calgary - from Calgary you can either explore the city or explore Waterton Lake National Park on the US side in an ambitious day trip. The rental car gives you ample space for exploration according to your mood.

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Element 6 (3 days Niagara on the Lake)

Days 22-25: The framing of your visit to Niagara Falls will be a hotel with heart and charm. Whether you choose the Canadian or the American side of the falls is up to you. But even visiting a winery or sightseeing through Toronto with your own rental car could enrich your journey of discovery.

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Element 7 (3 days Quebec and surroundings)

Days 25-33: Québec is considered to be the city with the most distinctive French flair in Eastern Canada, which has also developed its own character through its mix of colonial style, cosmopolitan influences and history. In addition to the other major cities of Canada a whole new experience. At the end of your journey and rest, a Relais & Chateaux hotel awaits you in the countryside, where you can review your multi-faceted Canada impressions before returning home. After whales, forests, bears, mountains and metropolises a bit of Provence in Canada. When hiking in this beautiful environment or while swimming in the clear and pleasant temperate lake, you can really relax.

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The itinerary mentioned above included: long distance business class flights, economy class short-haul flights, all rental cars, all tours, train passage in Rocky Mountaineer, accommodation in upscale boutique hotels with typical flair or 5 * houses, eTA Canada and ESTA- USA approval, all online check-ins, occasional restaurant reservations, the complete planning, organizing and support of the trip provided by WELTREISE-TRAUM. Upon request, WELTREISE-DREAM will be pleased to announce the investment in this CANADA TRIP for your travel dates.

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