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Around the world with WELTREISE-TRAUM.


WELTREISE-TRAUM - finest world travel design. We turn traveling the world from a dream into reality. From the initial stages to the finely crafted details, we do it all: designing, planning, organizing and guidance throughout your whole experience. We are passionate about creating unique memories just for you.  

You do the dreaming and traveling, we take care of the rest! 

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Everyone has their own preferred style of travel. Here at WELTREISE-TRAUM we create a personalized experience that is uniquely yours, made just the way you imagine it.  

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Are you looking for exciting, stimulating ideas for your next adventure? Take a look at these countries and itineraries from some of our clients to get inspired by the countless ways you can see the world.  

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One step at a time towards a trip around the world. How much does something like this cost? How do I go about planning enough time off? What does WELTREISE-TRAUM offer? 

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Almost anything is possible: Your dreams and ideas become reality! When, where to, how long, and much, much more - You decide what happens on your dream excursion

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WELTREISE-TRAUM believes in the importance of the sustainability philosophy. Find out more about projects supported by WELTREISE-TRAUM. 

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Get to know us and find out more about the team at WELTREISE-TRAUM. Don't forget to check out the testimonials from clients who have experienced our travel expertise

"A new standard in travel!"

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