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INSPIRATION #3 - South Pacific Dreams

DURATION: 7 weeks

GENERAL INFO: Couple, 39 and 43 years old 

TRAVEL PROFILE: Time off between planned job changes. Indulging in a special holiday. Already well traveled, but South Pacific, Argentina and New Zealand are still missing. Very flexible travel profile: from simple accommodations with first-hand cultural experiences to luxury hotels, everything is possible and desired. Where the location demands, please "give it your all." Business class flights are desired wherever possible.


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Element 1 (9 days Argentina)

Days 1-9: Starting from Germany, you first travel to Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires. A private guide takes you to the hidden little corners, which you can then discover on your own the following days. A metropolis with incredible facets! One afternoon is spent in a country-style polo match on the Campo Argentino de Polo.

El Calafate in Patagonia is next up with an amazing landscape. In addition to a private excursion on the Perito Moreno with ice skates, you can enjoy the wonderful nature in the EOLO - Patagonia's Spirit - Relais & Chateaux. Since you are already there, you should definitely go to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in Argentina - a very special experience! A rough climate with impressive nature awaits you here. And maybe a ride with The End of the World Train.

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Element 2 (5 days Chile with Easter Island)

Days 9-14: After intense landscape experiences in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Santiago de Chile is waiting for you and includes a private excursion to Valparaiso - the famous seaport with its colorful houses. Afterwards, the South Pacific adventure begins right away: the Easter Island! A very special gem that belongs to Chile - the magical island with the legendary and mythical Moais.

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Element 3 (12 days French Polynesia)

Days 14-27: What used to be the private summer residence of the kings of Tahiti—and later the heavenly sanctuary of Marlon Brando—now houses the unique luxury hotel The Brando. In this paradisaical place nature presents itself from its most beautiful and original side - turtles, exotic bird species and colorful coral reefs. A private white sandy beach, a picturesque lagoon and crystal clear water invite you to relax and unwind. Additionally, a culinary experience for 4 days at The Brando will leave you feeling spoiled and highly satisified. Afterwards a voyage of discovery awaits you with the Paul Gauguin cruise: 7 days exploring Polynesia with beautiful islands like Moorea, Huahine, Taha'a and Bora-Bora - the names alone bring pictures of paradise! The Gauguin is a small-ship cruiser’s dream designed  specifically to glide through the shallow seas of the South Pacific.

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Element 4 (6 days Cook Islands)

Days 27-33: Continue to the completely different world of the Cook Islands. After 4 days on Rarotonga you will spend 4 unforgettable days on the island of Aitutaki in the north of the Archipelago. It has a large lagoon surrounded by coral reefs and small sand islands. In addition to the discovery of the underwater world you can pursue the locals' favorite activity: relaxing and unwinding.

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Element 5 (4 days Auckland / New Zealand)

Days 33-37: A contrast to the world of islands before and after: Auckland. On the first day a private guide awaits you, who will take you to the beautiful places of this special harbor metropolis. With your own rental car you will have the opportunity to explore the surrounding nature the following days on your own. Or maybe even take a trip to Rotorua.

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Element 6 (8 days Fiji Islands)

Days 37-45: First, you will drive around the main island of Viti Levu with your rental car. Discover the natural Fijian country life and absorb the lifestyle of this island. The island tour will take you on the Queen and King Road around the entire island with stopovers in Rovodrau Bay, Suva and Rakiraki. After your road trip, pure relaxation follows on Laucala Island. A heavenly place, sprung from dreams and brought to reality. Only 12.2 square kilometers, the island of volcanic origin harmonizes perfectly with the breathtaking nature. Relax by the enchanting lagoon pool or in the bays on the soft sandy beach. Indulge in the beauty of nature: turquoise waters, lush green palm trees, sandy beaches and exotic scents. The arrival and departure with the small plane and the private boat are already pure pleasure!

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Element 7 (3 days China / Hong Kong)

Days 45-49: Another contrast to the islands of the South Pacific: Hong Kong. A fascinating Asian metropolis that offers many surprises. Explore the city with a private guide and then go on exploring on your own. Shopping in large malls or at the small Chinese store, trips with the junk or a hike in the hilly surroundings.

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The itinerary mentioned above included: long distance business class flights and economy class short-haul flights, mid-size rental cars, a mix of first class luxury hotels and country-style accommodations, the specified tours, transfers and individual restaurant reservations and the complete planning, organizing and assistance surrounding the trip provided by WELTREISE-TRAUM. Contact us for a quote on the investment in your DREAM VACATION.

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